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Unique Handmade Natural Materials | African Designer
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MiMiC. owner Tamsin Stedall is South African by birth and now resides in the Costa Brava Region of Spain. She has travelled and worked extensively throughout the world on infrastructure projects incorporating the provision of furniture and finishes. 

After all this time she remains proud and inspired by the design, quality and workmanship that can be found in her home country and has decided to share and promote some of her favourite South African Designer furniture and decor with the rest of the world.

All products featured are hand made, sustainably sourced and manufactured using the highest quality natural materials whilst giving back to the community through education and training.

Meraki Daybed hand crafted from soft maple and light composite cork by Wiid Design, Handcarved Soft Maple, Light Composite Cork, Cork Furniture, Wood and Cork Daybed, African inspired, Chaise Longue de bois et liège, tumbona de madera y corcho, poltrona de legno e sughero
Sustainable Design and Furniture
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Suspended wooden lighting African Design available in Europe