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Soma Planters
Steen Planters
Terra Planters
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INDIGENUS PLANTERS are designed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. The Indigenus range includes a collection of architectural planters which can be used to enhance residential, hospitality and corporate environments. In collaboration with some of South Africa's leading Designers and Architects, Indigenus founder, Peter Van Der Post has developed sculptural and functional pieces. Created by skilled artisans using the highest quality materials, these exquisite pieces are crafted and honed to perfection. 

PEBBLE by Yabu Pushelberg

Pebble is characterised by its soft organic form suitable for any style and environment. The Pebble follows an asymmetrical design with a beautiful play on negative space. Inspired by nature, the partnership between Yabu Pushelberg and Indigenus sought to honour this muse by celebrating the amorphous forms found in nature, translating the soft forms into a family of concrete planters. Despite its size, the pebble contributes in abundance to the look and feel of any natural landscape. Designed to stand together or independently, the Pebble planters have been crafted to support larger plants and trees.

Tall H1200 x ø745
Médium  H860 x ø845

Small H600 x ø850
Xtra Small H490 x ø400

AARDE by Sebastien Herkner

Following his honeymoon to South Africa, German designer, Sebastian Herkner, was inspired by all the aspects, elements and shades he encountered across so many areas. The Aarde (which means earth) is a representation of this; of the layering that exists culturally, demographically and in the nature and light of Africa. The Aarde has subtly overlapping layers with different depths to create the play with light and minerality that Sebastian saw in the natural landscape and wanted to represent. The earthy colours (brown, red, sandstone…) used in this range are very much part of the story Sebastian wanted to communicate.

Tall H1080 x W750 x D750
Square  H680 x W750 x D750

Tall XS H810 x W430 D430
Square XS H430 x W430 xD430

Trough H690 x W1400 x D560

Bhaca Planter by Andile Dyalvane

Designed by ceramicist, Andile DYALVANE, the BHACA planter reflects his connection to his South African roots and focuses on his signature scarification style. The name is derived from the Xhosa language and reflects the tradition of marking the skin. Bhaca Planters were derived in clay and upscaled to their larger versions in glass reinforced concrete. Available in 3 sizes and color options; Fire-Pit Black, Ash Grey and Bleached White

XS  H678 ø873

Small H678 x ø873
Medium H953 x ø779

Large H1138 x ø774

Soma Planters by Laurie Wiid van Heerden

The Soma Planter juxtaposes lightweight moulded glass reinforced concrete (GRC) with African Iroko wood or cork to create a dramatic and beautifully proportioned contemporary piece. The stone like appearance of the concrete in combination with more organic materials lends a natural aesthetic to this sculptural piece.

Slim XS H886 ø414

Soma Slim H1200 x ø558

Soma 50 H500 x ø575
Soma 70 H700 x ø703

Soma 100 H1000 x ø733
Soma 130 H1300 x ø792
Soma 160 H1600 x ø850

Tuber Planters by Haldane Martin

The Tuber Planter is expertly crafted from African Iroko - a durable timber often used for nautical and outdoor applications. These pieces are hand assembled into an impressive form and turned to create and sensual soft finish. The Tuber can be oiled or left raw to age into a beautiful silver grey hue over time.

XS H537 ø297 

Small H430 ø667
Medium H700 ø570

Tall H1060 ø480

Terra Planters by Laurie Wiid Van Heerden

In keeping with the designer's sublime and subtly curved style, the Terra Planter unites the sensuality of pale grey concrete with the warm tones of carved wood. The elegantly tapered planters float on a solid African Iroko base creating a sense of lightness and modernity.

Square XS H525 x W452 x D452

Tall XS H921 x W452 x D452

Square H700 x W602 x D602
Trough H1300 x W1222 x D602

Tall H1300 x W602 x D602

Steen Planters by Greg Truen & Stefan Antoni of SAOTA


Steen meaning 'Stone' in Afrikaans, these striking planters take their inspiration from the jutting granite boulders found along the coastal cliffs of Cape Town. 

Formed from glass reinforced concrete, each piece is hand buffed to achieve a beautiful suede-like finish.  Available in three sizes and color options Concrete Grey, Limestone White or Boulder Black

Small H221 x W597 x D392
Medium H358 x W967 x D635

Large H496 x W1340 x D880

Concrete and wood or cork planters suitable for indoors and outdoors available in Spain France and Belgium

Home is Sanctuary by Indigenus


Stone (GRC) & Combinations Stone (GRC) with African Iroko or Cork
Limestone White | Concrete Grey | Charcoal | Fire-Pit Black

Bhaca XS  H678 Ø873

Soma Slim XS H886 Ø414

Tuber XS H537 Ø297 

Terra Square XS H525 W452 D452

Terra Tall XS H921 W452 D452