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Corporate office space planning
Space Planning training facilities
Corporate office space planning
Space Planning recreational facilities
Recreational facilities apace planning


SPACE PLANNING is a fundamental element of Interior Design which includes an in-depth analysis of the desired use and required functions of areas, combined with circulation patterns and look and feel, to optimize the space in order to meet the needs of the owners or occupants.


Who can benefit?


Space Planning aids in the reformation and layout of existing COMMERCIAL, RETAIL and OFFICE SPACES to optimize their usage and function. 


MiMiC. offers the following services and deliverables:

  • Professional Consultation consisting of an unbiased analysis of the Property or Facilities including Property Inspection, Measurements and Photography

  • Documented account of the analysis, proposed solutions and recommendations for enhancements.

  • Detailed proposals inclusive of cost implications for all recommendations

  • Cleaning and decluttering

  • Sourcing, Appointment & Project Management of service providers for repairs, minor refurbishments, finishings & fittings

  • Sourcing and Procurement of furnishings, fittings, lighting & decor including transportation, installation and implementation

  • Styling and Photographic material including pre and post production and RAW files for marketing and media purposes.

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