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The creation house at Villa Mayfair

Villa Mayfair reopens its doors after 3 years of rehabilitation and expansion, led by the interior designer Cristina Rodríguez Pujol. A magnificent modernist Villa built in 1910 by the architect Enric Sagnier. An oasis on the Via Augusta in Barcelona.

The Creation House is a platform set up with the collaboration of all the professionals who have intervened in this design work, based on sustainability and progress. More than 150 artists, technicians, creatives, artisans, manufacturers and companies, combining efforts and talents, have made possible the complete transformation of the space, restoring the Villa, giving it a second life.

Villa Mayfair, the place to be in Barcelona.

The emblematic Villa Mayfair located at number 240 of Vía Augusta in Barcelona, ​​was designed in 1910 by Enric Sagnier and had always belonged to the Bertrand family. In 2015 Cristina Rodríguez fell in love with it and the rehabilitation has given it a new life.

The mansion, located in the center of Barcelona, ​​consists of a 3-storey house built in 1910 that commemorates life during the 1900, without losing any comforts of the 21st century. It is surrounded by the Indian-inspired gardens and under the garden 'La Galería' , a newly constructed unique space at street level, versatile and suggestive, where Cristina will present works from artists and brands.

At Villa Mayfair excellence has been subtly pursued. Luxury is the exuberance of the space, noble and discreet materials blend naturally as if they had always been there. The effect is delicate and relaxing, subtle and heady. Villa Mayfair is ready to be debuted again.

Inside one encounters inspiring, surprising and photographically pleasing spaces that capture the attention of all the senses.

Villa Mayfair 1910 - 2021 reopens it's doors 110 years after its initial construction as The Creation House, a unique space, aimed at professionals from the world of design and architecture.

An environment embellished by world-leading brands, which present architectural solutions applied to a real project; timeless collections of furniture and decoration, combined with the latest technological features.

The private space will work by invitation only, available for small-format events, in line with current requirements.

Cristina Rodríguez Pujol is the concept designer and forerunner of this initiative that goes beyond interior design: collaborative economy, design, communication, creativity ...

Cristina has been reforming and creating spaces for 25 years. Although her latest works are in London, Barcelona & ​​New York, her paradise is an island in the Caribbean called Saint-Barthélemy where she tries to spend most of her time and where she has worked and lived for more than 10 years.

Cristina herself began her career in the broad world of the arts, studying design, communication and image in Barcelona. Today, she is a consolidated interior designer and her works are distributed in cities around the world framed in her own style which characterises them. She likes mixing to achieve balance; this is how the interior designer defines her style, “my works have a contemporary reading, sober but always with license to winks of humor: Life is joy and we have to surround ourselves with environments that make us smile”.

She now presents The Creation House in Villa Mayfair in Barcelona.

The Creation House, the best construction, rehabilitation, interior design and decoration firms, both national and international, positions this project as a reference in the sector, a meeting point between professionals and brands. MiMiC. presents pieces from the 2021 Collection featuring soft furnishings and decor by renowned textile designer, Ronel Jordaan, ethnic and tribal inspired furniture by architect turned furniture designer, John Vogel and magnificently crafted solid wood masterpieces by David Krynauw in his signature style.

Contributing to the minimalist and perfectly juxtaposing style combining the old and new, MiMiC pieces were selected in monotone colouring, creme, black and neutral shades and create a sensational addition to the overall feel of the Villa.

David Krynauw's Wip Bench in Black Ash and Black Leather is a bold piece situated in 'La Galeria' where the light dancing from the overhead pool changes and dances throughout the hours of the day. His Joburg Chair 1102 in the same black finish lends to the family area.

Throughout the Villa, are soft seating rocks and cushions handcrafted from Merino Wool by Ronel Jordaan. And our Angama Table, Nguni Heads, Rus bench and Push Me Pull Me Table by John Vogel adorn the third floor level.

The turnkey rehabilitation of the Villa comprised; the reconstruction of the roof, restoration of facades, mosaics, windows, doors, and all original elements that deserved to be conserved, enriched with state-of-the-art products, new construction techniques and finishes, avant-garde designs, artistic initiatives and improbable formulas, Cristina Rodríguez's personal stamp.

600 m2 divided into three floors distributed as the single-family home that has always been, adapted to the current lifestyle, living rooms with communicating spaces, library, family room, suites for children and adults ...

The ambitious project including the newly built space at street level, 'La Galería', an innovative volume built in concrete and wrapped in black iron lattices, in contrast to the romantic classicism of the existing building, with large windows of large format and a transparent bottom pool that provides natural light to the space throughout the day.

The Gardens, 400m2 of Indian inspiration, where the original structure has been preserved, with a difference, float on the large green roof that includes a bathing pond, a river gravel terrace, the orange tree patio and different levels of greenery, which help maintain the mystery that has always characterized Villa Mayfair.

The Creation House, Vía Augusta 240, Barcelona

Professionals - Visits by Appointment, email requests to:




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