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From our Roots - Meet the designers edition no.2 LAURIE WIID VAN HEERDEN

Laurie Wiid Van Heerden, founder and owner of Wiid Design has a phenomenal studio nestled into the vibrant and colourful artist's district of Observatory in Cape Town, South Africa.

From this creative space he designs and develops his award winning contemporary pieces using a combination of traditional handcrafting and avant-garde techniques.

Laurie often collaborates with renowned South African artists creating 'vanguardista', collectible pieces such as his Lineage Cabinet, intricately crafted in cork and painted by Lionel Smit or his Fauna and Flora bench with it's detailed botanical sketches by Gerick Terblanche, to name but a few..

Having honed his skills as apprentice and assistant in numerous trades over a number of years he developed his own style of artistic creativity and expert workmanship and has since been awarded multiple titles and acclaims as well as having exhibited his pieces globally at 100% Design in London, Design Days Dubai, Design Miami/ Basel and Design Miami.

Designer of our Soma and Terra ranges of architectural planters for Indigenus, his product range is extensive and his command of materials such as cork, steel, reclaimed wood, ceramics, terrazzo and concrete is exceptional.

Keep an eye open for new additions to our 2020 Collection, to be released soon including exquisite timber, terrazzo and steel furniture, contemporary ceramics, & bold, statement cork pieces.

Wiid Design Studio is a culmination of fantasy and creative flare, comprising once off vanguardista pieces, ceramics, cork, steel and timber combinations, all elegantly presented within their working environment where you can feel the passion for design and creativity.

Laurie fondly combines his talents with those of other local designers and artists always culminating in intricately finished and detailed exclusive pieces.

Laurie collaborated with artist Lionel Smit to create the extravagant and oversized Lineage Cabinet. Lineage, meaning lineal decent from ancestor, ancestry or pedigree… is a large cork and steel cabinet weighing close to 600kg and dissects into three parts for easy installation. The one-off collectable piece finds its harmony in a historical narrative, whereby gables reference from Cape Dutch architecture, while the Cape Malay women painted on the aluminum doors speak of the Western Cape’s rich cultural heritage.

Warped Lab Vases in collaboration with Ceramic Matters Wiid Design have mastered their creativity using a number of materials and through their collaborative partnerships, offer product, artworks and items crafted and produced in a wide variety of sustainable materials

(Untitled after WB)

This one of a kind piece.

Each timber component is hand machined and fitted with careful consideration to present the "energy" or "movement" of the piece. The main source starts with intricate timber joints which creates a cluster of sharp bevelled angles. This cluster or source (origin), starts to breakdown into lines and facets, spreading through the length of the bench.

Meeting the end of the piece, the angles are aligned and placed accordingly to form a controlled point, bringing the piece to completion.

For exclusive pieces from Wiid Design request information from:



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